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The History of Victoria Place

Vic place was built circ 1830’s and is an Edwardian/Victorian build. The property’s are now listed Grade 2 Victoria Place was constructed about 1844 by a Newport builder Mr James Rennie, taking approximately 3 years to complete.

When completed the 12 house had raised front steps to the front door with ¾ lonic columns and entablatures, the first floor windows had moulded architraves with cornices brackets. The balconies had iron work panels which when added all together created very prominent features.

The original houses had a ground floor with one reception room, a small drawing room and a prominent stairs from the front door.

The lower floor (basement) was the kitchen and work area, the coal cellar which is where the services are now, was linked directly to the house.

The first floor was the family lounge and dining room, the second floor was bedrooms and bathroom. The attic had (in some houses), two servant’s rooms, and in several of the houses, the old lath and mortar still exists as do the outlines of the servants rooms.