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When is the right time to think about using 0800 numbers for your business?

0800 phone numbers have been available for individual and business users for a long time now. Over all these years, they have managed to become a valuable, convenient and cost affordable solution for hundreds of well-established businesses.

When you are running a business, be it small or big, you need to take many things into consideration. One of these things is the amount of money you are spending on long calls, including calls you receive and make to clients and customers that seem to be a complete waste of time.

Almost every person knows that calling a 0800 number from a personal landline is completely free. This is the best thing about 0800 phone numbers. They make people call these numbers because they know that getting in touch with the company or organization using them has never been easier and more affordable.

This is the main reason why experts agree that 0800 phone numbers are great marketing numbers. In case a company or organization wants to attract callers, all they need to do is to promote their 0800 phone number in a commercial or even on their site and they can expect dozens of calls. Some surveys have shown that 0800 phone numbers can boost inquiries by 200%.

0800 phone numbers are special non-geographic numbers which let organizations receive calls from callers in a much smarter way. Some of them are using special call management systems to improve user experience and promote their brand. We can all agree that this makes the company look more professional and it also encourages callers to stay on the line because they will know that they have called the right place.

In addition, 0800 phone numbers are fully portable. These numbers are working together with the official landline of the organization or their official mobile number and they can go with them regardless where they are placed. He calls they receive on other numbers can be redirected to the 0800 phone number for increased efficiency.

There is another good reason why portable numbers like 0800 numbers are great. Namely, it is not unusual for companies to move from one place to another and changing standard landlines is not a simple task. But, with a 0800 phone number, their clients can reach them at any time regardless of their location.

As you can see, 0800 phone numbers are much more than numbers that allow free calls.


What You Should Be Aware Of Before Buying a Chainsaw

The modern chainsaw, an invaluable and convenient tool for any homeowner, is substantially smaller and lighter; a far cry from its gigantic predecessor, which necessitated two professional loggers to operate it. Not everyone desires a chainsaw, but they may be essential for tree trimming and removal and for cutting firewood. Chainsaw manufacturers offer the home user numerous sizes and attributes, and a little guidance is able to help you find the right tool for your own purposes.

There are gasoline, electrical, and battery powered chainsaw engines. If you’ll be using your chainsaw in remote places without convenient use of electricity, a gasoline chainsaw will be your best option. Low power and the importance of frequent recharging limits the functionality of battery chainsaws, but electrically-powered tools can be useful for occasional, light occupations offering simple use of a power source.

The sort of work you expect will determine your chainsaw power needs. Cutting softwoods such as pine or cedar needs less power than cutting maple, ash, oak or other hardwoods. Another important factor is that a longer bar and more engine power increase the weight of your chainsaw. Both petrol and electric chainsaws require larger engines to provide more power, and that, or an extended bar, will raise the weight of your chainsaw. Your anticipated occupation type can help you calculate the length of bar you need your chainsaw. Chain saws are accessible with pubs which range from 12 to 20 inches, which length orders the maximum diameter that the tool can cut through in a single pass. Nevertheless, if you expect cutting mostly smaller occupations, do not purchase a chainsaw with a longer bar simply to cut bigger trees or branches as the smaller power saw will be able to realize the same thing with two passes.

Known as the world’s most dangerous power tool, chainsaws also offer best chainsaw on the market which should be investigated and compared. Gas chainsaws have a greater possibility for chainsaw kickback than electrical tools, which means they introduce a greater hazard to life and limb. Kickbacks happen when the end of the saw hits an obstacle and causes the saw’s bar to jerk back toward the user. Modern chainsaws feature significant safeguards including kickback guards, low kickback chains, hand guards, chain brakes, vibration reduction systems, throttle lockouts, and chain catchers that work to protect the consumer from serious harms.

C-Max Energi

Like all good bloggers should, we follow our search traffic, looking into what drives people to our site. One subject that seems to be very popular are questions surrounding the Energi line and electric vehicles, most specifically questions around charging the vehicles, what is included, what you can and can not do. In this blog article I will attempt to answer some of these commonly asked questions.

Energi Plug-in Hybrid FAQ

Currently, Ford offers two vehicles in this class, The Ford Fusion Energi and the Ford C-Max Energi.

What are the c-max energi and fusion energi charging time on 120V?

You can recharge overnight in 7 hours using a standard 120-volt outlet

What is the charging time on 240V?

Recharged in just 2.5 hours using the available UL-listed, weather-resistant Leviton®(1) 240-volt home charging station recommended by Ford, which can be purchased and installed through a partnership with the Best Buy Geek Squad.

Does the vehicle come with a cord?

Yes, a 120V charging cord does come with the vehicle. The 240-volt charging station is offered separately through Best Buy.

Can i plug directly in to a 220V outlet?

While many customers have a 220v outlet in their home or garage, there is currently not a way to plug directly into a 220v outlet.

What charger does Ford recommend? We recommend a 240-volt charging station by Leviton that can be purchased and installed through a partnership Ford has Best Buy and the Geek Squad. The charging station will be installed and serviced through the Geek Squad.

How much does it cost, on average, per charge? With a rate of about about 8.5 kWh for a full charge, and at an average of 12 cents per kWh.  The cost to fully charge the battery would be about one dollar. Through the MyFord Mobile, Ford’s smartphone app, you will be able to time charging sessions to take advantage of the off peak charging times. Contact your local electric company for more information on off peak vs. on peak times and rates.

Is there any way I can take advantage of solar power?

Absolutely. Ford has coordinated with SunPower® to offer plugin vehicle customers the opportunity to purchase a rooftop solar power system at a special price through the Drive Green for LifeTM program;

While about 85% of charging stations are free, some private locations may charge a fee per charge, or a parking type of fee. Costs may vary.

What happens when the vehicle runs out of charge or if I forget to plug it in?

The Fusion Energi and CMax Energi are plug in hybrids. Effectively, these vehicles use the electric charge to travel mostly on electric power, until gasoline assistance is required. Even after the electric reserves are exhausted, the vehicle goes into a hybrid mode where a combination of gas or electricity is used to power the vehicle. In short, if you forget to plug it in or run out of charge, you still have gasoline power and battery reserve power available to travel to your destination.


Hot ticket to successful business

Hotline is a special multi-channel phone number that helps the customers to contact the representatives of company for consultation on the products (services), obtaining the necessary information and placing an order. It performs different functions, directly dependent on the objective. For example, in case of realization of advertising actions, the operators, taking calls, inform the clients on the conditions and duration of action. If the customer’s company is the Internet-shop, the operators, answer the incoming call, consult the customers, and help to choose the best option and place an order and take the customers’ claim for the goods. The task of operators in the in the reference services is the extradition of maximally exact information (address, schedules, location map, etc.). At that, in all situations the operator must possess all the necessary information, iron logic and quick reaction.
There are main options of organization of the hotline number:

To buy the city number or use the existing customer’s number.
To use the “virtual number”, connecting with the call-center.
The number 0800 with redirection to the call-center.

Traditionally, the most convenient option is the “hotline 0-800” or Free-phone, which allows the customers to make free calls from the mobile or fixed phone from every part of the country. At that, the customer pays for the calls (a sum, specified in the contract). At first glance it may seem that it is too expensive. But in fact, “hotline 0-800” pay off fast, as the payment for the call to such number will be much cheaper, than making long-distance calls to all the customers.

The advantages of the hotline 0-800:

Economy on the long distance phone calls. The customer doesn’t pay for the call (which increases the number of communications compared to the usual premium number).
There is no certain connection to the location. So, in your commercials you can indicate one contact number, the call to which from any region will be easily taken by the call-center.
Such number will improve the image of your company.
When moving to the other office, the virtual number 0-800 moves with you (you can change only the number of redirection).
It increases the feedback of potential customer feedback on the placed advertisement, thus allowing to evaluate the effectiveness of conducting this project.

The choice and organization of the hotline is very important and necessary stage, helping to increase the income of your company by several times. But the organization of this line alone is not enough, as it will not work if the customer doesn’t have the motivation to use it. Therefore, wherever you place the hotline number, you should always explain, why the customer must call you.